Straights DirectStraights Direct provides comprehensive feeding solutions to farmers across the UK.

From the Beginning, Straights Direct has had a single vision.

One purpose... To provide an informed and competitive service for today's farmer.

Straights Direct provide that vital link between the large importing companies and the more refined and specialised needs of the farmer. It takes an instinctive feel for the market coupled with an in-depth understanding of today's farmer which keeps us head and shoulders above the competition. Our promise to frequently deliver the best, most commercially informed service to our customers is proven from our past record of supplying cost-effective straights to farmers as far-flung as the Highlands of Scotland and the south coast of England, and our close working relationships with a nationwide network of hauliers means that physically delivering the goods is seldom a problem.

At Straights Direct we aim to push for the best available service and price which time and again will justify the work we put in to deliver them. Our philosophy for success will continue to involve the customer as we firmly believe our own success is contingent on theirs. Whether it's up-to-the-minute reports from both the US and European markets, nutritional analyses and advice, or a straightforward 29-tonne tipped load of Soya, Straights Direct can provide. In fact, whatever your needs, Straights Direct are in a position to help.

We look forward to playing a role in your future success...

Meet the Team

Simon de Jongh studied at the Berkshire College of Agriculture, and after graduating went on to build a career with jobs at the international shipper, Soufflet and then with BB&O, where he traded commodities with a high degree of success. He set up Straights Direct in 1993 and has been committed to delivering a competitive service to the market, combining experience with an instinctive feel for the trade. Simon was granted a Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen in the year 2000.

Robert Holden began his career at Mersey Grain, where he learnt meticulously the details of straights trading. He then moved on to BB&O for some years before starting Straights Direct with Simon de Jongh. Robert now co-ordinates haulage nationally for every Straights Direct customer, and is a proven trader of straights and feedstuffs.

Mark Hawkes has a distinguished education in philosophy, language and computer science. Mark has worked before at Digital in technical support and at Total Oil Marine in central London.

Malcolm Scott is responsible for running our northern operation. Malcolm is ideally situated to provide a comprehensive service to farmers in the northern half of the United Kingdom. With twenty years of valuable experience gained from working as a trader for a major world shipper/crusher, Malcolm is an asset to Straights Direct and our customers alike.

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